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BAB National Senior Course Cardiff

4th October 2014

Details here

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The British Aikido Board

National Course 2014

British Aikido Board Senior National Course 2014

Sport Wales National Centre - Saturday 4th October 2014

The National Course is held to provide an opportunity for the wider aikido family to meet together and to train in a variety of styles under some of this country's leading instructors.

 The Course is open to all aikidoka aged 18 years and over. Those not holding a current BAB insurance certificate will be required to pay an additional 5 pounds to cover insurance.

Please click here for more details

Tribute to John Waite 8th Dan
John Waite
John Waite Sensei passed away recently after losing his battle with cancer.

Pepi Waite would like us to help her to create a tribute to John Waite’s dedication to the Martial Arts. If you have ever practiced or been taught by John Waite anywhere in world then we would like you to to hold a two minute silence in respect of John’s commitment to both Aikido and Judo at one of your classes.

Pepi will hold a two minute silence at John’s dojo in Northcross, New Zealand on Thursday 21st February at 8pm.

Pepi would like the Martial Arts world to do the same for John and would be very pleased to receive any pictures of members that wished to take part in this tribute .

 If any other clubs would like to do the same, we would be proud to post the photos on our website. Please send photos to Tony Evangelou at

Photo taken at his New Zealand  Dojo:
John Waite 80 years old, recently acheived his Tomiki 8th dan, here he demonstrate a move with his wife Pepi.

BAB Coaching and Club Handbook Version 2 prices 2014

BAB Coaching and Club Handbook Version 2 prices



Book cost No P&P

Book cost  inc P&P






































Make cheques payable to the British Aikido Board

Please send cheques to:
Mrs Shirley Timms
6 Halkingcroft

Clearly state your name with full postal address and the quantity of book required Mrs Timms will notify Grev Cooke of payment and I will post the books no later than 10 days after receipt of payment

The P&P saving can be made if the books are collected in person.

For example arranging the collection of the books at the BAB Executive meeting or the BAB General meeting

This can only be arranged with Grev Cooke:

 Grev Cooke BAB CAO


BAB National Course September 2013
BAB National Course 2013
The BAB National Course 2013 was very sucessfull and well done to all those that attended, The Kenshinkai kindly has sent a link to a online album of photographs taken on the day.
See the photos here


Welcome to the British Aikido Board

The British Aikido Board seeks to:-
•   Represent the majority of bona fide organisations practicing aikido in the United Kingdom.
•   Support, encourage and promote the highest standards of aikido within an environment of mutual respect for differing styles practiced.
•   Raise awareness of the value of aikido not only as a contributor towards healthy living, but also in the development of adults, young people and children, without regard to race, gender or creed.
The British Aikido Board operates primarily through its member Associations. There are currently 31 Full Member with 21 Associate and Probationary Members of regional and national status, who each retain their independence, both technically and financially, with a combined membership of some 7,000 , which includes 1265 instructors holding current Coaching Awards.

The Board is recognised by Sport England , as the only governing body for aikido in the United Kingdom and is a member of the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

The Board seeks to further the advancement of all styles of aikido and to establish and monitor standards of safety and behaviour for practitioners of aikido.

The Board advises member Associations on all relevant UK and European legislation and procedures and develops appropriate policies and codes of practice.

Other services provided include:-
•   Insurance cover, for members, instructors and Associations.
•   Promotion of a Nationally recognised Coaching Scheme in conjunction with Sports Coach UK.
•   Organising a National Course.
•   Promoting Club Mark registration.
•   Supporting initiatives to encourage the teaching of Aikido in schools.
•   Publishing Newsletters and specialist information bulletins eg. Safeguarding and Coaching.

The Board has completed a number of initiatives, arising from the work of their major Governance Audit and through the adoption of a wide range of recommendations, contained in their Aikido Delelopment Plan (which can be viewed here) will support their key objective of encouraging all Aikido groups to join together under this “Aikido umbrella”.

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