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BAB Coach Level 3 Course 8th September 2010
This was the first CL3 course for 6 years and included all the new criteria. The CL3 course is based around the highest level of instruction within their association and is made up the following CL3 units:
  • Equity
  • Coaching Disabled People
  • Mentoring Coaches
  • Planning for Success
  • Event Planning and Delivery 

The CL3 assessment was held at the Yama Arashi Aikido and Fitness club in Coventry and had an usual start. The applicants turned up around 9:30 to find someone had thrown a big lump of masonry through the window that also ripped the mat in a couple of places! As good Aikidoist’s they contacted the Principal, Barbara Moss and then cleaned up all the glass. Barbara would have had to cancel the Saturday classes if she hadn’t had the help of those taking CL3 and she wished to say how grateful she was.

This final assessment part of CL3 consisted of theory, practical and the submission of pre-set course work. The practical was split into two sections, the first for mid kyu grades and the second for high Dan grades. All the applicants did this with skill, confidence and humour and they are a credit to the British Aikido Board.

Successful applicants were:
Bob Salloway – Kai Shin Kai
Steve Billet – Aikido Development Society
Rod White - Aikido Development Society
Ann Billett – Aikido Development Society
Allan Rowley – British Aikido Federation
Terry Bayliss – Seijitsu Aikido Ryu

Grev Cooke
BAB Coaching Administration Officer
8th September 2010
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