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Community Amateur Sports Clubs


Sports Clubs which are registered as CASC's can benefit from many of the same advantages as charities. In particular, donations to them attract gift aid relief, currently worth at least 25p per £1 donated. To help clubs make the best of these rules, HMRC has launched a free CD ROM, which includes standard declarations and instructions on how to operate the give aid scheme.

Community Amateur Sports Clubs

Is your club looking to save money? Are you looking for ways to fund new facilities or invest in existing ones? Would paying dramatically reduced business rates or claiming money back on Gift Aid donations given to your club help your club’s finances? The Government’s Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) scheme allows you to do just this. Since April 2002, more than 4,200 clubs have registered as CASCs, each saving an average of nearly £4,000 and ensuring more money raised by sport stays in sport.

What are the key benefits?

 80% mandatory business rate relief
The ability to raise funds from donations under Gift Aid.
  Tax-free income from interest and capital gains (used for qualifying purposes).
  Exemption from corporation tax on trading income (up to £30k) and income from property (up to £20k).

What should your club do to be eligible?

Be community-focused and open to all without discrimination.
Have a core purpose in the promotion of amateur sports recognised by the Sports Councils.
Reinvest any income back into the club.

How to become a CASC

Becoming a CASC could not be more straightforward for most clubs. Just follow these three simple steps:

Read and discuss the guidance notes from HM Revenue & Customs (available at ) and decide if CASC registration is the right choice for your club.

Look at your club’s constitution. Is this an accurate reflection of the club’s policies and does it fulfil the criteria set out in the guidance notes? If not, you may need to make changes and HMRC can suggest appropriate adjustments when you apply.

If you are happy that CASC registration is right for your club and that your constitution is appropriate, complete and submit the HMRC application form.

To find out more, take a look at , a site run by the scheme’s main stakeholders where you can:

Download all the key forms, including CCPR guidance notes and a draft constitution.
Learn how to maximise Gift Aid.
● Access CASC Q&As.
Talk’ to other clubs through an online forum.
Keep track of news about the scheme.
Register for regular updates on the scheme.

Find more information here.
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