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Aikido for Daily Life (ADL) was founded in 2004 and is a full member of the British Aikido Board, the principal body promoting and governing aikido in the UK. Since that time, our association has grown and flourished.


 Through its graceful and powerful techniques, aikido offers a way to develop our inner potential and help us engage positively with the world around us. Our principal aim is to demonstrate the strong link between the philosophy of aikido as demonstrated on the mat, with what we do off the mat. We think this is important because most of us can only spend a few hours on the mat each week, but the principles we learn in class gives us an opportunity to practice all the time in real life.




ADL is not restricted to a single style and our clubs historically have different roots and as we have grown and studied together, there has been a wonderful cross fertilisation of ideas. This has enriched all of our learning.




We believe passionately in practising with other styles and encourage our members to attend courses held outside of the association. Working closely with other clubs and teachers outside of ADL has proved to be a hugely positive experience and has provided a great stimulus for our own development, as well as breaking down some of the barriers with other groups that all too often exist.




Our structure is deliberately flat, with no one focal point to say what is right and wrong. We run democratically with every member having a vote and a say in how we are run. Literally any member can raise an issue to be brought to the attention of the whole group. All members are encouraged to speak their mind. The result has been constructive debate rather than the usual politics and power games that typify the martial arts world. Accordingly we have been able to concentrate our energies on what really matters - practicing aikido and leading positive lives.




ADL has strong links to Aikido Yuishinkai International headed by Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei, a former student of the founder of Aikido.

ADL is not run for profit and when we make a profit, the members determine how this is used to benefit the group.






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Full Member


Varies from club to club.


Piers Cooke

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