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The Keitenshin Kai was founded in 2008. A new association backed up by over 25 years of aikido teaching and practice and an enthusiastic and dedicated group of instructors and students. The Principal Coaches of the Keitenshin Kai are Jonathan Davies and Sarah Williams. Both 4th Dan Aikido, Shoden Ki and British Aikido Board Senior Coaches and Coach Tutors. As students of Wasyl Kolesnikov Sensei they set up their first club at Manchester University in 1988, followed by a second club in Manchester city centre in 1998. They opened their own dedicated aikido dojo in 1999 in an old silk hat factory in Manchester. This dojo - The Mason Street Dojo - remains the heart of the Keitenshin Kai, with additional clubs extending out from this centre.



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We practice a Ki based style of aikido relevant to modern daily life. 


The emphasis is on learning to develop both mind and body in balance. Essentially we regard our practice as a holistic self-defence - giving us the tools to live well and resolve conflict whatever form that takes, from verbal abuse to physical attack. Our aikido is characterised by strong postures and dynamic, flowing movement.

We are a small, friendly association dedicated to the safe and enjoyable practice of aikido in a nuturing and challenging environment.


Whilst the Keitenshin Kai practice aligns most closely to a Ki School of Aikido, we are always interested to explore and incorporate perspectives from other styles and share experiences with other clubs, dojos and teachers.


Sarah Williams

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Email the Keitenshin Kai Chairman Jonathan Davies - Sarah Williams

Email the Keitenshin Kai Child Protection Officer Sarah Wiliams


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