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The Lancashire Aikikai was formed in 1966 having grown out of its predecessor, the Chorley Budo Club, which had been established in the previous year. Mr. Mucha (1919 - 1998), was the first to introduce Aikido to Lancashire. Mr. Bob Spence 6th Dan is now the Aikikai`s Principal. He will be well known to many outside the Aikikai as the British Aikido Board`s Coach Tutor.

In 2015, after a 10-year association with Mimuro Sensei (7th Dan Hombu) of Yokohama International Aikido Club, the Lancashire Aikikai appointed Mimuro Sensei as Technical Director.

Bob Spence Sensei remains Chairman and Principal of the Association.


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Mr. Mucha studied initially under Abbe Sensei and then Chiba sensei who graded him. Subsequently he was awarded Fu Ku Shin Do (diploma of teaching) from Se Kai Aiki-Do Hombu. Mr Mucha taught Aikido, covering the whole spectrum of Traditional Aikido including weapons and his influences, ideas and ideals are continued. Mr. Spence who was also taught by Chiba Sensei now continues this strong basis left by Mr Mucha.

Mimuro Sensei was a direct student of the late Seigo Yamaguchi Shihan and still closely follows Yamaguchi Senseis style of Aikido.

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