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The Yama Arashi UK are affiliated to the Brussels Yama Arashi. Tony Thielemans 6th Dan Aikido and 4th Dan Judo is the founder of the Belgium Ecole d`art Matiaux Japonais Yama Arashi, established in 1959. Tom Moss 6th Dan, Principal Coach of the Yama Arashi UK until his passing in May 2003, started Aikido in March 1965 and joined the Brussels Yama Arashi in 1966. Thielemans sensei originally studied Judo and competed in many Competitions before starting Aikido. It is due to his Judo background that he chose the Yama Arashi name. The name Yama Arashi means mountain throw and is an old Daito-Ryu Aikijujutsu technique and was famously used by Shiro Saigo who was a judo player studying with Jigoro Kano sensei.


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Aritomo Murashige was a 1st generation student (1921 - 1935) of Morihei Ueshiba. Murashige practised with the founder from 1931 to 1953. Murashige sensei moved to Belgium and taught there until his death in an accident at the age of 63. Aritomo Murashige, Nobuyoshi Tamura and Andre Nocquet have influenced Tony Thielemans Aikido style. The style practiced within the Yama Arashi UK is based in traditional Aikido from the teachings of Thielemans sensei, but progressively seeks to refine techniques in line with the wish of O-Sensei that aikido must still evolve. Since the tragic loss of the YAUK Principal Tom Moss sensei in 2003 the current Principal is Barbara Moss sensei. The club is therefore assured that the integrity, teaching and techniques will proceed along the outlines that were firmly in place.

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