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Ken and Linda Gannon first opened the Dojo in 1998 in two locations in North London, one a school hall and the other a dance studio in a local performing arts centre.  In the beginning there was one class a week in each venue and they used borrowed mats.  They had no students when they first started teaching but gradually attracted a small group of people from the local area.  As the number of students grew they started additional classes and moved all teaching to the school.  In 2006 there were enough students to allow a move to a permanent dojo.  This had a permanently matted area and it was now possible to run classes during the day as well as in the evenings and at weekends.  The number of classes has continued to grow and it is now possible to train almost every day of the week, with special courses being offered on a monthly basis.  The first students who began their aikido training with Ken and Linda received their yudansha certificates in 2009 and there are now three black belts in the dojo who began with Ken and Linda in addition to others who began training with other instructors.


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We practice aikido under the guidance of instructors from the Hombu Dojo of the Aikikai Foundation.  Our approach to training, our technical syllabus and our grading syllabus are based on those of Hombu Dojo.

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