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In 1973 Wasyl Kolesnikov, the Principal Coach of this organisation, started practising and teaching Aikido professionally under the direction of his first teacher Sensei K. Williams and later with the Technical Director of `Ki` Aikido - Master Koichi Tohei 10th Dan. Since starting on his own in January 1982, Wasyl Kolesnikov has continued to develop the knowledge gained from the aforementioned teachers. In both his Aikido and his Dynamic Relaxation classes. Special `Ki` (mind and body co-ordination) exercises are taught which help the student to understand and develop living calmness, living relaxation, keeping calm under pressure, power of the mind, harmony, meditation and breathing which in turn can be applied to their daily lives.



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By harmonizing with the attackers power, the techniques look very smooth and graceful whilst at the same time presenting a very effective method of self- defence... In conclusion, this is a style of Aikido which is based upon the `Ki` system.


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