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The Sport Aikido GB group has grown out of the Shodokan Aikido UK organisation that has been in existence for over 30 years. Shodokan Aikido falls under the Shodokan Aikido Federation in Japan that is led by Nariyama Shihan. Nariyama Shihan was a student of Tomiki Shihan who asked Nariyama to continue his Aikido teachings in the Shodokan. The Sport Aikido Group has been established to focus on Sport Aikido for under 18`s in the UK.  Using inter club events within the Shodokan Aikido network to trial Randori we believe that we have now developed a syllabus and means of training that enables a Competition environment that under 18`s can fully participate in.


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The style continues Tomiki`s Aikido under the structured Shodokan training syllabus incorporating physical education and a competitive sport. Tomiki found this by creating a way for his students to test their skills against each other using randori or `free practice`. This allows players to oppose each others techniques, defending and counter attacking at will.  For the Under 18’s this has meant changing the syllabus slightly so that the juniors are clear about what techniques can be used. We have therefore reduced the 17 techniques from the Randori Kata to 10 that we believe are safe for under 18`s to use. Competition practice we have done with our Juniors over the past couple of years has clearly shown the reduction in the number of techniques does not lessen the impact and opportunity at this level of competition . It remains exciting, dynamic and the juniors just want more of it! Competitive Aikido needs this age group to support its future - Sport Aikido GB will provide that structure.  

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