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The Aikido Research Federation was formed in 1980 to bring together a number of independent clubs for mutual training and support under a collective insurance cover. The Federation, as part of the British Aikido Board, fully supports the Board in its efforts to ensure safe, (through the BAB Coaching Scheme) and properly insured (through the BAB Insurance Scheme), practice. The Federation is non-propriatorial and all funds are used for the promulgation of Aikido and related research areas. This includes the support of new clubs, the purchase of mats, and to help towards the cost of training courses in a variety of related areas. We are proud to have been connected with many other Associations, some of which now enjoy independent membership of the Board.


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Apart from the overriding requirements of safe and insured practice, and that the arts studied are related historically and stylistically to mainstream Aikido, a guiding principle of the Federation is the exchange of knowledge with a wide spectrum of practioners. We have had and continue to have in many cases, close links with a large group of Hakko-Ryu Aiki-Jutsuka, a thriving Katori Shinto Ryu group, Tomiki stylists, Aiki Goshin Do stylists, Kaze Arashi Ryu stylists, Ryoi Shinto Ryu stylists, Daito Ryu stylists and others. We feel that we are unique in our attitude and that the encouragement of research is unquestionably in the spirit of O-Sensei Morihei Uyeshiba.

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