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`Yoshinkan` is the name of the dojo of Sensei Gozo Shioda, one of O-Sensei`s earliest students. Sensei Shioda is recognised by leaders of all martial arts as a true master. Indeed he has been declared `mudan` (beyond rank) and is classified as a living cultural treasure of Japan. Sensei Yates is the Shibucho and Principal Coach of the British Aikido Yoshinkai and Chairman of Aikido Yoshinkai Europe. He is one of only two Europeans ever to be awarded 6th Dan by Sensei Gozo Shioda.


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Yoshinkan Aikido - The basic movements and teaching style are what differentiate Yoshinkan Aikido from other styles. Whilst the style remains true to the circular and spiral movements of Aikido, there is an equal emphasis on linearity. Also students are initially taught to `overpower` an opponent, and only later are taught to use an aggressor`s own momentum.

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