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Formed in 1988 under the direction of Malcolm Saunders, the Society continues to grow in an area already well served by other styles of Aikido. Mal Saunders has practised the art for over forty two years, a number of them the direction of Mr. Ken Williams. Teaching within the WAS seeks to build upon, and develop, principles of co-ordination of mind and body.


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The style is based, essentially, upon principles of Ki development. Basic techniques, both hand to hand and with weapons, are taught within a traditional framework but, throughout, the teaching emphasizes the attainment of harmony between partners, and movement with both co-ordination and relaxation so as to allow greater extension of Ki. A fundamental principle stressed to all students is that progress beyond mere basic techniques can only be by personal diligence and complete acceptance of the principles and practices of Ki development both within and outside the Dojo.

WebSite :    http://www.thewelshaikidosociety.co.uk/

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