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Tenchi Ryu was founded approximately 18 years ago by Graham Batchelor and Brian Stockwell. Sadly Graham passed away in 2010 and his club has since closed.

Brian`s background has been almost exclusively aikido and aikido-related arts (jiujutsu, weapons, iaido etc) and he trained with Sensei Ted Stratton and his Shudokan Aikido group for over 20 years.


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Tenchi Ryu has its roots in the Yoshinkan style of aikido. Brian has added his own interpretations and modifications to the basic Yoshinkan style, bringing in more circular movements with emphasis on blending and timing; delivering both practical and effective techniques. Kihon dosa still forms the basis for technique and is included in all training sessions as a learning tool.

WebSite :    http://www.tenchi-ryu.co.uk/

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