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Brian Burrows Shihan had begun learning Aikido with Smith Shihan in 1970 and was asked by him to begin teaching in 1977 in Bridgnorth.  This eventually led to the formation of Shun Poo Kan, so-named by Shibata Shihan who, on a visit to the club cerca 1985, declared that the club was like a breath of fresh air and so named Burrows Shihan’s club Shun Poo Kan, meaning “Spring Breeze Hall.”  Shun Poo Kan is now based in Trysull, South Staffordshire, and has affiliated dojo in Sedgley, Much Wenlock, Wigan, Loughborough and Gastonia, North Carolina.

 In 2004, Shun Poo Kan moved away from the UKA to become a separate UK Aikido organisation, retaining Hombu recognition so that all recommendations for promotion of candidates to Dan grades were Hombu registered.  This was confirmed as independent recognition in 2014, meaning that Shun Poo Kan has authority to examine Dan grade candidates without needing first to obtain Hombu permission, and then request that successful candidates should receive Hombu-registered Dan grade certificates.

In 2016, Brian Burrows was promoted to Shihan and 7th Dan.


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