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Senshin Aikido Ryu was formed in June 2011 by its Principal Coaches Ken and Helen Williams and follows the Traditional teachings of Morihei Ueshiba, O’Sensei.  Although a newcomer to the World of Aikido as an Organisation, its member Club - Haden Hill Aikido Club has been going since September 2009 under the guidance and support of the well respected Shihan Terrence Bayliss of Seijitsu Aikido Ryu and Shihan Kevin Christie of the National Independent Aikido Association.
Its Principal Coaches; Ken Williams has practised the art of Aikido for over 13 years, Helen Williams has practised Aikido for over 7 years.  Both practiced under several well known Aikidokas in addition to those mentioned above.  The late Shihan Ralph Reynolds and Sensei David Packer of the Aikido Fellowship of Great Britain have been significant in shaping their style of practice and they have continued to develop themselves under the privileged tutelage of Shihans Terrence Bayliss, Kevin Christie and Sensei David Packer.


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Senshin Aikido Ryu practice and promote the Traditional Morihei Ueshiba style of Aikido.  Aikido Weapons training incorporates the three principal weapons universally associated with Aikido; the Jo, Bokken and Tanto.  In addition to this, Katas using the Jo and Bokken based on the teachings of Shihan Morihiro Saito of Iwama are  practiced in order to facilitate a better understanding of aikido movements, mai-ai and to develop the practitioners concentration, mental, physical and spiritual awareness.  Ultimately, leading to an Enlightened attitude.

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