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The UK Aikido Shimbokukai association was formed in early 2016 with the primary purpose of bringing together like-minded dojo espousing the same principles as our parent organisation - Aikido Shimbokukai. 

The association organise a number of seminars and workshops throughout the year to give members a better understanding of Aikido and related arts. Many of these seminars are taught by highly regarded international teachers teachers and all UK Aikido Shimbokukai seminars and workshops are open to all students, no matter rank, affiliation or style.

The UK Aikido Shimbokukai, its dojo and members are part of Aikido Shimbokukai. The Aikido Shimbokukai is an association of instructors, dojo, and aikido practitioners whose common bond is the practice and development of Aikido. This group strives to bring people together for the exchange of experience and ideas through Aikido training and doesn`t follow any one style or teacher, endeavoring to stay apolitical and broad-minded, and welcoming all who are interested in developing Aikido together. 

The Aikido Shimbokukai is an Officially Recognised Organisation by the Aikido World Headquarters (Hombu Dojo) and the Aikikai Foundation in Tokyo, Japan. We value our relationship with Aikido World Headquarters (Hombu Dojo) and the Aikikai Foundation, and strive to support them as best as possible, through training and other activities.

The UK Aikido Shimbokukai are members of the British Aikido Board, the national governing body for Aikido in the UK.


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The UK Aikido Shimbokukai tyle falls under the general banner of Traditional Aikido.

Aikikai Foundation - Aikido World Headquarters

The UK Aikido Shimbokukai, its dojo and all members are part of Aikido Shimbokukai and through this relationship are connected to the Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo. All rank, including kyu grades are ratified by the above organisations and therefore recognised worldwide.


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