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History of the British Aikido Board

Aikido was initially introduced into the United Kingdom, in 1955, by Sensei Kenshiro Abbe, and over time a number of independent Associations were set up.

In 1977 the Martial Arts Commission was established, by the then Sports Council, to oversee all martial art disciplines, in the UK. There was however no co-ordinated voice for Aikido and as a first step several of the larger Associations came together to form the Aikido Liaison Council. This was re-named as the British Aikido Board on 2nd June 1977 and its founder members were:-
Aikido Development Society, British Aikido Association, British Aikido Federation, British Yoshinkan Aikido Federation, Institute of Aikido, Ki Federation of Great Britain, Ken Shin Kai, Shudokan Institute of Aikido and the United Kingdom Aikido Federation .

The Board reported to the MAC, until it was dissolved some 14 years later and on 8th June 1991 the British Aikido Board was recognised, by the Sports Council as the only Governing Body for Aikido in the United Kingdom.

The Board now has 34 Full Member Associations, 3 Associate Members and 2 Probationary Member(s), Currently there are over 1981 instructors holding Coaching Awards and over 10,000 members, practicing a variety of styles of Aikido, the main ones being Traditional, Yoshinkan, Tomiki and Ki.

It is hoped that all Aikido groups within the United Kingdom will eventually join together under this "Aikido Umbrella". The current list of member associations is show below.

Aikido Academy UKAssociate MemberTraditional
Aikido CircleFull MemberTraditional
Aikido Development SocietyFull MemberTomiki / Shodokan
Aikido Fellowship GBFull MemberTraditional
Aikido For Daily LifeFull MemberNot style bound
Aikido Research FederationFull MemberTraditional
Aikido Sa KuruAssociate 30 MemberTraditional
Aikido Seishin KaiFull MemberTraditional
Aikido Shoshin RyuAssociate MemberTraditional
Aikikai Zen TenFull MemberTraditional
Brighton Ki SocietyFull MemberKi Aikido
British Aikido Yoshinkan Fed.Full MemberYoshinkan
British Ki SocietyFull MemberKi
British Takemusu Aikido FederationFull MemberTraditional/Takemusu Aiki
British Tomiki Aikido FederationFull MemberTomiki
Bushin AikikaiAssociate 30 MemberTraditional
Colmers Farm Aikido AssociationAssociate MemberTraditional
Fudoshin AikidoAssociate 30 MemberTraditional
Go Shin KaiFull MemberTraditional Aikido
Institute of AikidoFull MemberTraditional
Kai Shin KaiFull MemberTraditional
Kazoku RyuAssociate 30 MemberTraditional
Keitenshin KaiFull MemberAikido Yuishinkai
Ken Shin KaiFull MemberYoshinkan
Kobayashi Aikido DojosAssociate 30 MemberAikikai
KSMBDA Kolesnikov SchoolFull MemberKi
Lancashire AikikaiFull MemberTraditional
MovingEastAssociate 30 MemberShiseikan Aikido
National Aikido FederationFull MemberTraditional
North London Aikido DojoAssociate 30 MemberAikikai Foundation
Scottish and Borders BirankaiFull MemberAikikai
Seijitsu Aikido RyuFull MemberNot Style Bound
Senshin Aikido RyuAssociate 30 MemberTraditional
Shin Gi Tai Aikido SocietyFull MemberKi / Traditional
Shobu Aikido UKFull MemberTraditional
Shodokan Aikido UKFull MemberShodokan
Shun Poo KanFull MemberTraditional
Takemusu Iwama Aikido EuropeFull MemberIwama
Te Shin KaiProbationary MemberTraditional
UK Aikido ShimbokukaiFull MemberTraditional
United Kingdom ShinwakaiFull MemberTraditional / Yoshinkan
United Kingdom Takemusu Aikido FederationFull MemberIwama style/Takemusu Aiki
United Traditional AikidoFull MemberTraditional
Welsh Aikido SocietyFull MemberTraditional
White Rose AikikaiFull MemberTraditional
Yama Arashi UKFull MemberTraditional
Yarawa NetworkProbationary MemberTomiki
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