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Haydn Foster 7th Dan

Principal Coach of the Institute of Aikido

Haydn Foster

Foster Sensei 1927 - 2011

It is with great regret that we have to announce the death of the Principal of the Hut Dojo and Chief Instructor and Technical Director of the Institute of Aikido, Haydn Foster Sensei.

Foster Sensei passed away suddenly at home on Sunday 13 February. We should like to extend our deepest sympathy to his wife Alice, his grandson Paul and all the Foster family. He will be very much missed by his many students and friends in the world of Aikido.

Foster Sensei’s aim was always that others should derive as much pleasure from Aikido as he himself did. He would often say that it is not what I have done for Aikido but more what Aikido has given me. Foster Sensei’s legacy is the Institute of Aikido which will ensure the continued study of the art which he held dear.

To him Aikido was a never ending journey of discovery and learning and therefore we should all now continue our journey in the same spirit.

Press Release ( August 2012 )

High honour for Aikido pioneer

On Friday 3rd August, former Heathrow airport porter, Haydn W. Foster, was posthumously graded 7th dan by Shihan T K Chiba, a senior representative of the Aikido World Headquarters in Japan. This award was given in recognition of Haydn’s significant contribution to Aikido for over 50 years. During this time, he was a major pioneer of the art and helped to spread it throughout the UK. After a short ceremony, the certificate was presented to his widow Alice, and to his grandson Paul Foster-Dent.
Among Haydn’s many achievements were that, during the 1960s, his 1st and 2nd dan certificates were two of the very few in the UK which were signed by O-Sensei, the founder of Aikido. Haydn also played a major part in the first major martial arts demonstration held at the Royal Albert hall in the mid 1960s. In 1973, he founded the Institute of Aikido, and was one of the founding members of the British Aikido Board, the governing body for Aikido in the UK. Haydn was the senior instructor at the Hut dojo in West London, the birthplace of Aikido in the UK, where he continued to teach until his death in 2011 at the age of 83. His grandson, Paul, continues to teach at the Hut dojo.

Mrs Foster, Chiba Sensei and Paul Foster-Dent

Sensei Foster began his aikido training some time towards the end of 1956 / beginning of 1957 at the Hut Dojo, near Heathrow airport. He was awarded 1st Dan by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei in 1960, and 2nd Dan by Mutsuharu Nakazono Sensei in 1962, one of the oldest Hombu grading certificates in the UK. He was awarded 3rd Dan by Masamichi Noro Sensei in 1969. Haydn Foster
Haydn Foster     In 1973, following the demise of the Renown Aikido Society (1966-1969), Foster Sensei was approached by the ex- members and asked to reconstruct the society as the Institute of Aikido.

Now 7th Dan (IA) Mr. Foster continues to teach at the ‘Hut’ dojo and directs the annual institute of Aikido Summer School. Foster sensei and has made recent teaching tours of New Zealand and teaches on the former BIG 3 now the Annual Lowestoft course.
On the 2nd and 3rd of June 2007, Sensei’s and students from many different organizations gathered together at Bisham Abbey National Sports centre for a course to honor and celebrate Mr. Foster’s 50th year in Aikido and his 80th Birthday. Haydn Foster
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