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Grodon Jones

Gordon Jones Shihan is the Principal Instructor of the United Kingdom Aikikai and is a BAB Coach level 3.

Mr Jones started Aikido in 1966 at West Heath Dojo and was initially taught by Mr William Smith under the guidance of Mr Ralph Reynolds. Later, after a thirst for more in-depth Aikido content, both Mr Jones and Mr Smith moved organizations to accept the tutorship of Chiba Sensei, head of the Aikikai of Great Britain, (later to become the BAF) who was 5th Dan at the time and based in Leicester. This resulted in many fortnightly visits to Chiba Sensei’s dojo and as a result he was subsequently promoted by Chiba Sensei to 1st Dan in 1973. 2nd Dan followed three years later in 1976 with 3rd Dan being awarded in 1979. He was subsequently awarded Shidoin status (national coach) in 1980 and received his 4th Dan in 1983. 1991 saw Mr Jones receive his 5th Dan.

In 2002 Mr Jones was promoted to 6th Dan by the current Doshu and was later to be awarded Shihan status at the Kagamibiraki, 21st January 2007 by the current Doshu at Hombu Dojo, Tokyo, Japan, upon which he became the second UKA principal to be recognised as a Shihan (Master Teacher).

Mr Jones travels the UK extensively giving Aikido Seminars and has also held seminars in Athens & Lesbos in Greece, Sydney in Australia and Belgrade in Serbia and is the technical director of the Australasia Aikikai, Sydney.

A family man, Mr Jones has been married to his wife, Jenny, since 1971. They have two daughters, Helen and Catherine and two grandchildren, Rees and Sam.

 Gordon Jones

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