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BAB Chairman  - Vincent Sumpter  

Born in 1943, Vincent started his aikido in 1974 at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo Japan, under the instruction of Shihan Seijiro Masuda (8th Dan) who graded him Shodan on 1 June 1977.

On his return to England he practiced at Oxford University under Sensei Minoru Kanetsuka (7th Dan) who graded him Nidan on 24 May 1987.

In 1986 he joined the KaiShinKai Aikido Group (affiliated to the Japan Aikido Association [JAA] through the British Aikido Association).He was graded to Sandan on 24th April 1988 and to Yondan on 5th August 1990.

In recognition of his many years in the practice and teaching of aikido, the Kai Shin Kai graded him to Godan in October 1997.

Since 1989 Vincent has been teaching regularly at KaiShinKai Clubs in the USA and Italy He has been a Guest instructor at the Leeds BAA Tomiki Summer School each year since 1991 and, more recently, has been making trips to Minsk, Belarussia, where he teaches Bokken and Jo- jutsu to the International Aikikai-registered group resident there.

Vincent Sumpter was elected Chairman of the BAB in 2002.  
Vince Sumpter - BAB Chairman
BAB Vice Chairman  - Keith Holland FCIS, F.Inst AM(Adv Dip)
Keith HollandBorn 1943, my introduction to martial arts came at the age of 18yrs when I joined a Judo club. Before long I was training 4 times a week and continued my training for 7 years under Sensei Masutaro Otani 7th Dan, until a serious back injury curtailed further training.

In 1984 I took my son to what I thought was a Judo Club, but it turned out to be 'The Hut' the home of the Institute of Aikido. I immediately became hooked on aikido and it has become a life passion.

We subsequently joined Kurai Aikido and I became increasingly involved, 'off the mat', including Secretary to both Kurai and the EYJ Martial Arts Centre, a dedicated dojo housing 9 martial arts all working together in harmony.

Being aware of my deep interest in aikido, our Sensei, Roy Sheppard 6th Dan would often take time to give me a personal explanation of the techniques being taught and one day gave me the greatest gift by working out a series of ukemi which would enable me to train, without upsetting my back.

From then on training became a priority and I was graded Shodan in 1998; Nidan in 2002 and by 2006 I had reached the grade of San Dan. I am a BAB Level 1 Coach , and hold NCFE Train the Trainers Certification ( NVQ Level 3/4)

Although I study the Traditional style of Aikido I regularly attend external courses, particularly those who offer an opportunity to experience other styles of aikido ( you either learn something new, or re-affirm that the style you use works best for you) I particularly enjoy attending Joint Karate/Aikido courses with Sensei Tony Heap 7th Wado Kai Karate and Martial Medicine courses with Shihan Dr Chris Roworth 15th Dan Nine Schools of Bunjinkan.

Kurai Aikido is part of the UK Shinwakai family and we enjoy regular visits from Sensei Jack Poole 7th Dan and our Patron Sensei Leslie White 6th Dan. I am also Convenor of the UK Shinwakai Board

My involvement with the BAB grew from being asked to become Joint National Course Organiser in 2000 , a position which I still hold, to my appointment as Vice Chairman of the Board in 2007

Secretary to the British Aikido Board - Shirley Timms

Shirley Timms
I was first introduced to Aikido in 1967 when my late husband, David Timms started practising with the then Renown Aikido Society, later to be renamed Institute of Aikido. In 1971 David was awarded 1st Dan, he became so involved, I complained that I never saw him so he persuaded me to start practising and that was in 1972.  In 1979 I was awarded 1st Dan by Mr Hadyn Foster, and 2nd Dan March 1989.

When the BAB was newly formed, I attended the first meetings with Mr Foster and David as an observer, which were held at Wood Green Police Station under the Chairmanship of Chief Superintendent Ken Wilkinson. As a professionally trained secretary I just could not sit on the sidelines and appear invisible, so I took notes, which were borrowed by the then secretary for Minuting purposes. The first two secretaries resigned for one reason or another and I was asked to stand in on a temporary basis until they found someone else. That was in 1981 and I am still in post, so I must be doing something right.

Chief Superintendent Wilkinson resigned, so we had to find a new home for the BAB meetings, and Mark Maliney, who was treasurer for the UK Aikido Federation, offered the BAB his offices in Cricklewood, which were free, and that was the base for BAB meetings for a number of years until we out-grew Mark’s premises

Sadly in 1994 David died and I stopped practising on a regular basis, but my son William entices me back for ad hoc sessions on special occasions.

In 2006 I was awarded 3 Dan for services to Aikido, which I felt much honoured to receive.

BAB Finance Officer  - Piers Cooke  
Piers Cooke started practicing Ki Aikido under Sensei Ken Williams in 1982, left Sensei Williams in 1999 to start the Aikido for Daily Life Association with his brother Quentin Cooke. ADL is affiliated to Aikido Yuishinkai founded by Maruyama Sensei (previously the president of the Ki No Kenyukai founded by Tohei Sensei) He currently teaches at Coldharbour Aikido Club near Dorking in Surrey Piers Cooke
BAB Webmaster  - Stephen Billett FIAP

Born in 1955, Steve found his first martial art 'Judo' during his 16th year. His first contest was within weeks of starting and fought against a team from a school for the blind in the British Schools Judo Open. From that day onwards he learned never to underestimate an opponent, he was lucky to win these contests.

Stephen Billett - BAB WebmasterDuring the mid to late 1970's his judo lead him onward to become the 'IBF European Champion' several times at both 63 & 65 Kilos. Around this time he was introduced to Don Bishop 7th Dan ADS (Tomiki Aikido) and began to practice aikido, mainly for fun, but with Don's help to also improve his contest judo by using some of the allowable aikido techniques.

He started teaching judo from the age of 18 to both adults and children, achieving some success, bringing pupils through to international level.

His aikido career ran in parallel with his judo, both in teaching and contest. His first aikido dan grade was awarded by the 'Belgian Tomiki Aikido Association' in 1976 (upon recommendation of Bill Woods) when he competed in a 'Open Weight Tanto Randori' competition that was run during the break of the 'Belgian Judo Open'. He entered for fun and due to Don's superior coaching won the event (He subsequently carried on to win the Judo event as well). Fifteen years later he graded to 1st Dan by his own Sensei Don Bishop (He was a hard man to please in those days).

His training in Japan illustrated that there is more to martial arts that just competition and it was this that motivated him to begin teaching aikido. Aikido has now overtaken judo as his first martial art with its requirements for skill rather than strength, being more appropriate these days....

Steve has been a Tomiki 6th Dan since 2012 and a Judo 4th Dan since the 1980's, He also has a 1st Dan In Ju Jitsu and has been Chairman of the Aikido Development Society since 2000.
Frank Burlingham - BAB Coaching Administration Officer
5th Dan Institute of Aikido / United Kingdom Aikikai
Frank Burlingham Frank Burlingham is the Chief Instructor of Broadland Aikido Club and a Senior Instructor within the Institute of Aikido. Frank holds a Bachelor of Education (Hons) Degree and has worked for the past 23 years as a college lecturer teaching Carpentry & Joinery, Furniture making and Wood Machining he now teaches Performing Arts Technical Theatre. Frank took on the post of Coaching Development Officer two years ago when the former C.D.O. had to stand down from the position.


Frank started his Aikido career in 1972 under Htun Han Sensei in Lowestoft Suffolk. He was graded 1st & 2nd Dan by Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan & Mitsunari Kanai Shihan. 3rd, 4th & 5th Dans by H Foster Sensei (IOA) & W Smith Shihan (UKA).
In the mid 1970s Frank moved to London where he met and studied under H Foster Sensei. In 1978 he moved to Toronto Canada and studied for many years at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC) under Osamu Obata Shihan.

Upon Franks return to the UK in 1985 he met and studied under W Smith Shihan at the same time he also met and studied under T Moss Sensei. In 1987 Frank became chief instructor of Broadland Aikido Club. In 1999 he brought together for the 1st time the heads of three associations (H Foster IOA, W Smith UKA & T Moss Yama Arashi) to teach in what was then known as the Big Three Course. This course evolved into the annual Lowestoft Course which held it’s 10th seminar in 2008.

Frank has travelled extensively around the world studying and teaching Aikido, the highlight of this for Frank was being given the honour of practising at the Hombu Dojo and Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, and taking part in a demonstration at the Budokan stadium in Tokyo.
Frank Burlingham


Grev Cooke - BAB Coaching Administration Officer

Born in 1950 at Kenilworth, Warwickshire, I am the BAB Coaching Administration Officer (BAB CAO) and a member of the Yama Arashi, which is affiliated to the Yama Arashi Brussels. Mr Tony Thielemans Sensei is the Principal of the YA-Brussels which next year (2009) celebrates its fiftieth yearGrev Cooke

I started Aikido on 09/05/1973, why so precise?, It was a day away from my friends birthday and a group of us decided we needed to do something to keep fit and we discussed the merits of Judo and Karate until someone mentioned Aikido.  Only one of us had any idea what is was but it sounded interesting. Three of us turned up at the club but as a grading was imminent we were asked to join in doing the best we could as after the grading we would be taught 'properly'. So for a couple of weeks we had no idea what we were doing and even over the following few months didn't really have a much of an idea. What we did know was that this was something different, exciting and the enthusiasm of our Principal Mr Tom Moss was so captivating. When I started there were five others that started within a few weeks and somehow we all took our 1st Dan grades together.

This bond has remained over all these years. Of the five, Mrs Barbara Moss is our Principal, Brian Kennedy is a Senior Instructor, Victor Williams is Chief Instructor at an Aikido club in Rochester USA, Steve Martin had to stop Aikido a few years ago due to the almost inevitable knee problems. I often wonder how many students we have trained between us. Not bad for a group in a pub 25 years ago with no idea what Aikido was.

Over the years we have trained with many different instructors that to mention by name would infer a sort of preference whereas I have learnt from them all. There is one memorable session that will stay with me because it was so unexpected. We had trained with Kanetsuka Sensei a few times and quickly learnt that to attack at less than 100% would be to your detriment!  I turned up at the UKA in Cradley on the Saturday session. Bill Smith Sensei took the first session and made me feel like one of his own students. Then Kanetsuka Sensei turned up to take the remaining class which usually started by 'testing' any student he didn't know very well so I was done for. There were only about 12 students on the mat and he took a master class in Tenchi Nage showing me in great detail so many points my head hurt but he did it in such a gentle manner I was enthralled. What a pleasure.

I have been so lucky to belonging to an Association that prides itself on its students well being with an open attitude to the physical and mental virtues of Aikido initially instigated by Tom Moss and carried on by his wife Barbara Moss. Aikido has given me many friendships and life changing opportunities I can only thank everyone involved and still wonder what would have happened if we chose Judo or Karate all those years ago.

Started Aikido 1973
1st Dan Aikido 1976
2nd Dan Aikido 1982
1st Dan Kendo 1982  (Won the Lidestone Kendo competition. The Lidestone was memorable as only one other Midlander had won this Taikai)

3rd Dan Aikido 1991
1st Level Reiki 1991
YAUK joined the BAB 1994
4th Dan Aikido 1998
CL3 on 1998
CDO in 1999
1st Kyu Iaido 2001

My role within the BAB is to help the Coaching Development Officer to promote and deliver a high class coaching system. Within this role I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew Baird, Bob Jones and currently Frank Burlingham. All of these BAB CDO’s have brought differing insights to the coaching system and have progressively advanced our coaching to such a high level. Over the last few years the unification of coaching with our child protection policies will take the BAB coach to a much more balanced and comprehensive level I am passionate that we maintain a coaching system that brings associations together in a common bond. I like most older Aikidoists remember bunny jumps, neck exercises, treating kids as small adults etc that through lack of knowledge injured so many students. With the correct understanding of good coaching methods there is no reason why a student
Terence Bayliss - Member's Sub Committee Chairman, BAB Clubmark Officer
Terence Bayliss
Mr. Terence Dion Bayliss has been teaching Aikido for well over 35 years both in the United Kingdom and many overseas countries.

In 2003 he was promoted to the rank of 7th Dan and also awarded the title of Shihan, both being ratified by numerous B.A.B Aikido associations in Great Britain and by leading Shihans abroad.

He is the Principal Instructor of Seijitsu Aikido Ryu and holds the highest coaching levels awarded by the British Aikido Board, namely that of Senior Coach and Coach Tutor.

Shihan Bayliss holds a position on the British Aikido Board as Chairman of the New Member’s Committee and has recently been appointed the B.A.B Clubmark Officer.

In his pursuit of knowledge Shihan Bayliss has travelled overseas and studied under many of the Great Aikido Masters to perfect his Aikido.

His latest pursuit is the study of Tai Chi under the direction of Master Michael Sheridan.
Shihan Bayliss teaches at his Dojo in Staffordshire which has B.A.B Clubmark recognition

Sue Ward - BAB Lead Safeguarding Officer

I first studied aikido in the late 1980s, and after a break of a few years returned to the mat in 1993 under the tuition of Sensei Brian Stockwell of Tenchi Ryu Aikido.

I was awarded the grade of Shodan in 2004, mainly in recognition of the voluntary work I have done to build the Tenchi Ryu Association. Some people tell me that I could be quite good at aikido, but I have so much else going on in my life I tend to focus on the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff. I do venture on to the mat from time to time but after receiving a few kotegaeshi breakfalls I soon remember why I ‘retired early’ from training!
I have held the post of BAB Child Protection Officer since 2007 and through my work with the Child Protection in Sport Unit I have secured the ‘foundation’ level of safeguarding standards for the BAB. This was one of my proudest achievements as it sets us firmly in the national safeguarding framework alongside other big players such as football, cricket and rugby.

In addition to the work I do for aikido at both local and national level I also work as a part-time fitness instructor, part time college tutor and assessor, and more recently as a part-time university lecturer delivering courses in sport development and event management. I also manage to fit in a full time job running the family print business.
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