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Child Protection Information

The BAB has produced the Child Safeguarding & Protection Policy as part of its commitment to ensuring that Aikido provides a safe, friendly and enjoyable experience for children.

The Policy provides the Association's with the tools to ensure that the membership takes up the challenge of continuously improving the participation conditions for children. It also greatly enhances the value of existing activities and practices throughout the BAB's clubs and ensures that the many thousands of coaches and volunteers integral to Aikido are supported. The Policy is backed up by a training and education programme, a structured implementation plan and a sensitive process to respond to concerns.

The Policy and associated documents are available to download on the BAB Website (see the Download Area below).
The BAB is committed to ensuring that all children who participate in Aikido activities should be able to participate in an enjoyable and safe environment and be safeguarded from harm. The BAB relies on affiliated Associations and their clubs to provide this safeguarding to their child members. The BAB recognises that child safeguarding concerns can occur in Aikido clubs and events as well as at home, in school and in the community at large. The BAB requires all affiliated Associations, clubs and their individual members to be aware of, and implement the policy and procedures to safeguard all those members who are under the age of 18.

What does my Association  need to do?

An Association  must nominate a Association Child Protection Officer (ACPO) who will advise and ensure that Safeguarding is being adhered to within the Association. The ACPO is available to advise the Club Welfare Officers or the other club officers/members if the CWO is not available. They are also responsible for ensuring that Criminal Records Bureau Checks are completed and processed.

What does my club need to do?

Safeguarding and Child Protection will not be implemented overnight. It is a long-term process. It is the responsibility of the whole club to implement the appropriate Safeguarding policies and procedures.

Club Welfare Officers
A club must nominate a Club Welfare Officer who will advise and ensure that Safeguarding is being adhered to in the Club
The Club Welfare Officer must attend a ‘Safeguarding and Protecting Children’ workshop accredited by Sportscoach UK (3 hours)
The Club Welfare Officer must have a CRB Check

If you wish to contact someone about Child Protection then:

  • Contact your Club or Association Child Protection or Child Welfare Officer. Your Club or Association should have these details (for example in your membership details or via club notice boards or web sites).

    PLEASE NOTE: if you have concerns about your Association CPO or your Club Welfare Officer then you should contact the BAB Lead CPO direct.

  • Contact Sue Ward, the BAB Lead Child Protection Officer on 01271 328892 or 01271 343952  If Sue is not immediately available please leave a message and she will call you back.
    You can also email -

    PLEASE NOTE: If your concerns are urgent and you think a child is in immediate danger of abuse, contact the police on 999, or your local social services department.

  • If you are a child, or have concerns about a child's safety, you can ring the NSPCC's 24 hour free phone helpline

    Telephone:             0808 800 5000
    Asian Helpline:      0808 096 7719
    Welsh Helpline:    0808 100 2524
    Textphone:             0800 056 0686 (for deaf users)

  • or contact the Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU)
    3 Gilmour Close, Beaumont Leys, Leicester LE4 1EZ

    Telephone:             0116 235 7278
The Chairman on behalf of the British Aikido Board acknowledges the invaluable assistance of the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit, British Judo Association, Amateur Swimming Association and The English Cricket Board in assisting the Board in formulating the safeguarding policy

The Chairman of the British Aikido Board recognizes and thanks the following employees of the Board for their hard work, dedication and help in defining and preparing the content of this document:
Barbara Barrett, Independent Child Protection & Safeguarding Adviser to the BAB, Keith Holland, BAB Vice-Chairman, Sue Ward, BAB Lead Child Protection Officer, Celia Tierney, BAB Child Protection Case Management Group Member

The Chairman of the British Aikido Board also acknowledges the support and assistance of Jude Toasland, National Development Officer at the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) and Anne Tiivas, Director, NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU), in approving the safeguarding policy document for use by the Board, its Member Associations, Clubs and individual members.

The BAB is committed to maintaining appropriate policies and procedures for its Member Associations, Clubs and individual members. This comprehensive child safeguarding structure will assist in promoting a safe environment that parents have a right to expect for their children when they participate in Aikido under its aegis.

Vincent Sumpter
BAB Chairman

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