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Membership Application – General Information

The BAB is keen to extend the opportunity for all organisations practicing aikido, regardless of style, to join them.
However, as the National Governing Body it is their responsibility to ensure that standards are maintained and that those applying are able to support the policies and criteria laid down by the Board.

Key Criteria

Full information is contained within the Board’s Constitution, which can be viewed on the website, but your attention is drawn to the following specific requirements:-
   ●    Practicing a style of Aikido recognised by the Board (see Note: 1 below)
   ●   Suitably qualified Instructors
        ( Non BAB Instructors will be required to obtain BAB coach Level 1 within the probationary period.)
   ●   Those Instructing Juniors will also be required to obtain the Children’s Coaching Award and obtain a BAB CRB check.
   ●   Appropriate Risk Assessment undertaken
   ●   A minimum of 100 members is required for full membership of the BAB.
   ●   Organisations with a minimum membership of 50 may apply to become Associate members under the BAB’s Membership Umbrella.
         They enjoy the same rights as full membership except that they are non voting.
   ●   It is a condition of membership that all Members adopt the BAB Child Protection Policy, a copy of which can also
        be found on the Board’s website.

Note: 1 Although AikiJutsu organisations are not seen as eligible to join the BAB,  We are however aware that there are many like minded groups whose, style, ethos and often grading syllabus has evolved over the years and now fits well with our Aikido Family. When such cases arise the Membership Officer will give advise and guidance on whether it might be more appropriate to re-define themselves as an Aikido Organisation.

1. Guidance on Completion of the Application Form:

Section 3 - Instructors/Clubs currently in Membership of BAB
Although not essential it would be helpful if you are able to provide the number on any Instructors PI Certificates

Section 4 – Association Officers
The Officers identified are the minimum requirement for all BAB members, but it is acceptable for one individual to hold a number of positions.

Section 5 “Juniors”
The BAB defines a junior as being under 18 years of age.

2. The Process

On receipt of the completed Application Form and Administration Fee, the Membership Sub-Committee will consider the information received and will contact you to arrange a site visit to one of your clubs, to gain first hand knowledge of the club in operation and the standards set by the applying organisation. It also provides an opportunity to meet with you and seek clarification on any issues arising from the form and to provide a chance for you to discuss further the role and workings of the BAB.

The next stage is for the Membership Sub-Committee to make a recommendation to the Executive Committee, who may approve an application subject to consultation with members of the Board.

Assuming that the application is approved you will be notified your acceptance as a Probationary  Member for 1 year, after which you would normally move to full/associate membership status, as appropriate.

Probationary Full Members will be eligible to attend General Meetings of the Board and may take part in discussions, but will not be eligible to vote until they become a full member. However Probationary membership offers the other advantages of a full member, including insurance, coaching, national course, etc. Associate Members will be eligible to attend General Meetings of the Board, subject to place availability.

You will be required to pay, the non refundable fees and charges for membership and insurance as published on the BAB website.

If your organisation would like to know more about joining us either as an Full or Associate Member that please contact-

 Terence Bayliss (Membership Committee Offier) email:  -

Keith Holland
(BAB Vice-Chairman)

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