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Membership Umbrella – New Opportunities for Membership

Are you a visitor to our website, and not currently part of the BAB family ? – then this item is for you.

The Board is aware that for a number of reasons many organisations and clubs are not currently affiliated to the Board and it is our vision to make the Board more inclusive and in so doing raise the overall standards of Aikido in the UK.

We are also aware that local authorities, sports centres and other venue providers are increasingly being required to respond to Government and Sport England requirements to raise the level of approved qualifications required by those using their facilities and this includes affiliation to the only recognised national governing body.

The Board currently comprises of 34 Full Member Associations, 3 Associate Members and 2 Probationary Member(s),  each with its own degree of autonomy, particularly in the fields of training, grading syllabus, internal administration and charges.

Whilst the minimum requirement for Association membership is 100 individual members, we recognise that this level inevitably excludes some of the smaller organisations, many of whom may have been established for many years and provide high standards of instruction. It has therefore been agreed to give such groups the opportunity to apply for Associate Membership, which would bring with it all the benefits of a Full Member except that they would be non voting. In this case the minimum requirement is reduced to 50 members.

If your organisation/club would like to know more about joining us either as an Full or Associate Member that please contact the BAB Membership Officer at the following address :  -

Keith Holland (BAB Vice-Chairman)

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