Safeguarding – Flowchart – Incident occurred inside Aikido

GUIDANCE ON ACTION TO TAKE IF THE INCIDENT OCCURRED INSIDE THE SPORT (APPENDIX 2)  ACTION TO TAKE IF THE INCIDENT OCCURRED INSIDE THE SPORT If a child informs you directly that he/she is being abused in an Aikido environment OR, through your own observations OR, through a third party you become aware of possible abuse or poor practice within the Aikido environment. You must REACT IMMEDIATELY.   Follow the template below:   action_flow_chart_in_aikido This appendix is part of the BAB Safeguarding Policy which is held as a PDF document in the download area (shown below) and should be considered as the only reference document. Although these pages will be kept up to date as much as possible they may not be as current or may be abridged in comparison to the Safeguarding Policy. After reading any information here please reconfirm from the latest version of the Safeguarding Policy.