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Fudoshin Aikido was founded in 2005, as a not-for-profit organisation owned and run by its members.

We are committed to the exploration and development of Aikido.

We are part of the Mutokukai Europe network of Aikido organisations.



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We promote `traditional practice` based on the teachings of the late Tamura Nobuyoshi Shihan in order to preserve the spiritual and cultural elements of Budo.

A regular visitor of ours is Stéphane Benedetti Shihan, a long time student of Tamura.  Stéphane is a founder of Mutokukai Europe and teaches Aikido internationally.  Our students regularly attend his courses both in the UK and abroad including the Annual FFAB summer school in La Colle Sur Loup led by Stéphane and other Mutokukai teachers.

David Dimmick

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