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Sensei Foster, Principal Coach of the IA. started his Aikido career in the 1950`s being awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan grades respectively by Kenshiro Abbe Sensei (1960), Mutsuharu Nakazono Sensei (1962) and Masamichi Noro Sensei (1969). In 1973, following the demise of the Renown Aikido Society (1966-1969), Sensei Foster was approached by ex-Renown Instructors and Club Leaders and persuaded to reconstitute the old Renown Society, renaming it the Institute of Aikido.


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The style of Aikido practised by the Institute of Aikido comprises traditional Aikido combined with a comprehensive use of the Jo (staff) and Bokken (practice sword). The resultant blending of the men tal, spiritual and physical attributes of the practitioner provides a sound, self-defensive Martial Art whilst maintaining the flowing, circular movements which are synonymous with traditional Aikido.

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