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The club was originally formed in Olney circa 1980 by Alan Sanders and Roger Nye, and moved to Milton Keynes in 1982 to become Milton Keynes Aikido Club. At that time, the club was a member of the Kai Shin Kai under the direction of Mike Smith sensei.

The club left the Kai Shin Kai and became a member of Yama Arashi UK in 1995. In 1996, the club was given to Ray Munns, one of Alan & Roger`s original students.

In 2002, the club left the Yama Arashi and became a member of the Lancashire Aikikai under the direction of Bob Spence sensei.

In February 2010, after 30 years with the club, Ray retired from the club and handed the role of Dojo Cho over to Bryan Bateman, another of Alan and Roger`s original students.

Bryan has been following the teaching of Nakao Shingo sensei of the Seibukan Dojo in Kobe, Japan since 1996. In April 2011, after 16 years of regular visits to the Seibukan, Nakao Sensei offered Bryan the chance for the club to become the Seibukan`s first and only overseas dojo, and through that, link to the Aikikai Hombu dojo. A fantastic opportunity for the club, one that Bryan could not refuse. In July 2011 the club resigned from the Lancashire Aikikai and became an independent not for profit aikido organization in the UK. The club was renamed Seibukan Aikido UK and Nakao sensei became our Technical Director.

Seibukan Aikido UK is the UK branch dojo of the Seibukan dojo in Kobe, Japan under the guidance of our Shihan, Nakao Shingo sensei, Aikikai 7th Dan.

Our chief instructor is Bryan Bateman.


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The club studies and teaches traditional Aikido through the lineage of Ueshiba Morihei, Yamaguchi Seigo and Shingo Nakao.

Bryan Bateman

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