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Founded by Bernard Harding in 2011, the Martial Spirit Aikido Association or Bushin Aikikai continues the technical direction established by the NAF under Tamura Shihan and Pierre Chassang. Pierre Chassang is the founder of the National Aikido Federation of France and the European section of the International Aikido Federation.


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Nobuyoshi Tamura Shihan was the European Representative of the Ueshiba hombu dojo in Tokyo and as such, the senior Japanese sensei in Europe. He was renowned for the purity and classicism of his technique. Pierre Chassang worked with Tamura Shihan to standardise a curriculum of techniques in Europe. In addition to the broad framework of Aikido techniques developed, Pierre Chassang also emphasised the importance of Aikido as both a martial and spiritual way. Bushin  Aikikai continues these traditions under the technical direction of Bernard Harding.

Bernard Harding

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