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Tony Sargeant began training in Aikido, in Cambridge, at the age of 23. When he was at 1st kyu level he inherited the Cambridge Aikido club from his teacher who was subject to long term health problems together with having to regularly travel to London to further his techniques. In February 1982 the turning point in Tony`s Aikido career came when, as Shodan, he first trained under Morihiro Saito Sensei, 9th dan Shihan, in New Zealand. Tony was so impressed that he decided to follow Saito Sensei`s teachings and adopt his style, subsequently becoming a leading light in Aiki Ken and Jo. In 1991 Tony formed Traditional Aikido Iwama Style, with Paul McGlone, of the Poole Aikido club. Since then the organisation has grown to over 450 members in England, Scotland and Wales, and has recently changed its name to Traditional Aikido Iwama Ryu GB, following official recognition from Saito Sensei.


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Iwama Ryu Aikido can be recognized by its concentration on Kihon (basics), and is traditional in its approach. In accordance with Saito Sensei`s wishes, ...Aiki Ken Jon must be practised intensely with respect to the U*nion of Jo Ken and Taijutsu...To understand the true meaning of Aikido, TAIR. practice an even balance of these Aikido elements, to preserve the past for the future.

Tony Sargeant

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