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Masakatsu Aikido

What does Masakatsu Agatsu Mean?

The principle of shodo-o-seisu helps one have a deeper understanding of O`Sensei`s teaching of masakatsu agatsu or "true victory is victory over oneself." If you calmly maintain control over yourself, you will not only find a way to control the opponent but will also be able to control the situation before drastic action is necessary. There will be no need to consider winning or losing, since there will be no contest. Both sides will be winners - the would-be attacker who didn`t need to attack and the would-be defender who didn`t need to defend.

"True victory is self-victory."

Morihei Ueshiba

Our Style?

Our style of Aikido is traditional Aikikai. Our Taijutsu (Unarmed techniques) and our Buki Waza (weapons system) are traditional in basis, with influences from the Aikikai, Iwama and more ancient koru arts. The Kaiso Sensei are Andy Watkinson and Dan Hopkins All Sensei are insured and have attained their Coaching certificate under the BAB.

Masakatsu is proud to have been awarded its name by Gillermo Perez 5th Dan of the Spanish Aikikai. Our syllabus is greatly influenced by the Spanish Aikikai, whos growth was achieved with the input of great masters like the late Tamura Sensei. We are pleased to hold seminars when Guillermo visits the uk.

We are also pleased to be associated with the Osakan Aikikai and our senior students and Sensei, regularly practice, with this experienced, Aikikai Hombu recognised association.

Aikido Sa Kuru

In 2010 we had the great honour of practicing with Barry Gibson 5th Dan and John Shields 5th Dan from Isshin Dotai Aikido. After attending several seminars, we realised that as like minded associations, we should establish a non political parent association, with the purpose of bringing together more, like minded Aikidoka for seminars and exchanges of knowledge.

Barry and John are both long term students of Master Shigeho Tanaka 9th Dan. Master Tanaka trained from an early age in Judo, Karate and Kendo. He initially studied Yoshinkan Aikido, under Master Gozo Shioda, in the 1950`s. He also trained with Morihei Ueshiba O`Sensei the founder of Aikido and trained in Kashima Shinryu Swordmanship under Master Kuni Zen`ya. He was president and chief instructor at the Shiseikan Dojo at the Meiji Jingu Shrine and now holds a rank of Honorary instructor there.

We are honoured that the technical comittee of Aikido Sa Kuru, grade our senior Aikidoka and bestow the Dan grades in both Aikido and Kashima Shinryu Swordmanship as well as Koru jo and tanto work.



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