Saku Mei Kan (Scotland)

Scottish and Borders Birankai

Scottish and Borders Birankai
Saku Mei Kan (Scotland)
Kincorth Sports Centre, Corthan Cresent
AB12 5BB
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Coach Level 1Friday ClassAdults / Senior Class
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Saku Mei Kan (a.k.a Aberdeen Aikido Club) is a member of Scottish and Borders Birankai under the technical direction of T. K. Chiba Shihan.

Aikido is a comprehensive Japanese martial art that is derived from centuries old techniques. It is a powerful and effective, non-competitive martial art which focuses purely on self defence and self development.

Aikido is based on neutralising and controlling an attackers aggression through the use of evasion, immobilisation and throws without using physical strength, making it ideal for men, women, young, old, large and small.

The club welcomes new practitioners of any race, colour or creed, and offers beginner through to advanced classes in Aikido and weapons.

Training Times:

Friday6:30 PM to 8:30 PMAikido

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Last Updated : 29-Jan-2016

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Instructor Qualifications

Coach Level 1

The Instructor has completed the BAB Coach Level One course

Coach Level 2

The Instructor has completed the BAB Coach Level Two course

Coach Level 3

The Instructor has completed the BAB Coach Level Three course

Young Persons

The Instructor has completed the BAB Coaching Young People course. This unit is targeted for Instructors taking junior classes