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Mike Sigman - Glasgow

Date of Course :

28-Oct-2017 to 29-Oct-2017
Time of Course :

SAT: 9:30 - 17:00, SUN 9:30 - 16:00

Course Information :

Mike Sigman returns to the UK for 2 consectutive workshops in England and Scotland. These workshops are intended for people with an understanding of Jin and other 6H movement principles. A limited scope has been chosen for these workshops and will be worked on repetitively.

The content of the workshop will run across both days, anyone attending just one day should plan for Saturday as Sundays classes will directly relate to the previous days content.

To quote Ikeda sensei Mike is very important for Aikido, if you can`t see the Taiji in Aikido then you need better eyes.

Cost: £130.

Silk Reeling / Pool Noodling / Cando Bar
Push Hands
Jin / Qi Thingies (TM).

Contact Information :


Location : - Scotland North - G4 9AJ Google Map 

Fred Paton Day Care Centre
19 Carrington Street

Sensei(s) :

Mike Sigman

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