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AreaTitleTypeVersionUpload Date
Aikido Times  Aikido Times 1PdfNo. 109-Jun-2008
  Aikido Times 2PdfNo. 221-Feb-2008
  Aikido Times April 2011Pdfn/a04-Apr-2011
  Aikido Times December 2010PdfN/A19-Dec-2010
  Aikido Times February 2015PdfNA17-Feb-2015
  Aikido Times January 2018PdfN/A04-Feb-2018
  Aikido Times July 2010Pdfnone19-Dec-2010
  Aikido Times July 2011PdfNA27-Jul-2011
  Aikido Times July/August 2015Pdfn/a14-Aug-2015
  Aikido Times June 2015PdfJune 201522-Jun-2015
  Aikido Times June 2016PdfNA05-Jul-2016
  Aikido Times June 2018PdfJune 201818-Jun-2018
  Aikido Times March 015Pdfn/a21-Apr-2015
  Aikido Times March 2016PdfN/A01-Apr-2016
  Aikido Times October 2014PdfN/A31-Oct-2014
  Aikido Times October 2018PdfFinal26-Oct-2018
  Aikido Times September 2016PdfNA04-Oct-2016
  BAB Aikido Times April 2012 (issued June 2012)PdfN/A13-Jun-2012
  BAB Aikido Times April 2014PdfN/A27-Aug-2014
  BAB Aikido Times August 2013PdfAugust 201309-Aug-2013
  BAB Aikido Times August 2014PdfNA27-Aug-2014
  BAB Aikido Times December 2011Pdfna20-Dec-2011
  BAB Aikido Times December 2013PdfNA09-Dec-2013
  BAB Aikido Times December 2014PdfNA14-Jan-2015
  BAB Aikido Times Feb 2014PdfFeb 201412-Feb-2014
  BAB Aikido Times January 2017PdfNA31-Jan-2017
  BAB Aikido Times June 2014Pdfnone24-Jun-2014
  BAB Aikido Times May 2017PdfMay 201705-Jun-2017
  BAB Aikido Times November 2012Pdfnone15-Nov-2012
  BAB Aikido Times October 2015PdfOctober 201510-Nov-2015
  BAB Aikido Times September 2017PdfSept 201705-Oct-2017




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