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What's New?


All changes made to the site this year will be listed here.

Date Changes Made
20-04-08 The gallery system has been has been updated and more pictures added.
29-03-08 The online request for coaching coarse has been released.
22-03-08 The elected officials page has been stated more people will be added when the information is received.
15-03-08 New pages have been added in the information area.
01-03-08 The Coaching System has been completely rewritten to cover all the new requirements.
22-02-08 The site has been updated in the areas of Coaching, Child Protection, Insurance, News, Course, and the new area Club Development has been added.
21-01-08 Site updated to add a new menu system and the clubs list and association list is now database driven. Course information has been added manually added before the data base driven version is added.
05-01-08 Site updated to remove old coaching and general courses, Added new coaching application forms as requested.
21-12-07 Site moved to a windows based server to allow the new database updates..... (Steve Billett has been assigned as Webmaster)
30-09-07 Interim Webmaster assigned due to John Burn's resignation, Photo Gallery Added
07-08-07 Management Meeting Minutes uploaded, New Aikido Times uploaded, National Course details uploaded, Course poster to be added tomorrow.
17-06-07 Club Directory updated, all counties updated for which forms have been received as of 16-06-07
23-04-07 Changed address for web submission DP form - please download attached document should you need to send any updates.
22-04-07 Email address listings fixed - site currently re-uploading. Navigation links also fixed.
22-04-07 Email addresses in pages and on links are down - the spam vaccine company have been contacted.
22-04-07 More courses added to course page
22-04-07 Complete club county list updated and relisted with all instructor qualifications now listed. Information added to every page with regard to the qualifications..
22-04-07 Child protection section added to menu.
22-04-07 County lists updated.
22-04-07 course lists updated.
10-04-07 Added item regarding Ken Cottier being promoted to 7th dan by the Aikikai Doshu.
08-02-07 Added information with regard to changing hosts to news page.
03-02-07 Added Sports Club Of The Year information to news page.
30-01-07 New Aikido courses added.
23-01-07 News page updated with regard to Gordon Jones sensei receiving the title of Shihan from the Aikikai Hombu Dojo.
17-01-07 Updated course page with details of a course in October with Kobayashi sensei -also added information to the news section.
14-01-07 Updated course page for 2007 courses.
13-01-07 Updated coaching page with new course.
12-01-07 Updated course page for 2007 courses.
09-01-07 UPDATE: A solution has been found and the ISP asked to implement the change - this has worked, all email addresses are now listed and cannot be harvested by spambots.
09-01-07 We have started using a method to re-encode the email addresses listed on the club pages to prevent harvesting from spambots, however it appears that our ISP cannot handle the code - it works locally with no issues on both windows and os x machines. The issue has been taken up with the ISP to see if they can reconfigure anything, we are moving servers soon so this may not work until this has been completed.
08-01-07 Club directory completely updated to refect the changes to the listing whereby we now list instructors qualifications. EVERY county has been updated as of 08-01-07.


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