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BAB GDPR Toolkit

BAB GDPR Toolkit

Please find the BAB GDPR Toolkit page.

We have put together some documents that will help you prepare for the new GDPR requires that come into affect on the 25th May 2018. 


Much of this information has been collected from the Sports Alliance that the BAB is a member of on your behalf. We know this is late but these templates have only very recently been released by them. The templates are all in Word which will allow you to create your own versions. Please find a passworded Zip file with full documentation BAB_GDPR_Toolkit_Passworded (Password August 2018 )

1.This document I believe will be issued signed by the BAB to confirm that Association are passing personal data to the BAB for processing membership data.
Data Processing Agreement

2.Template for a Association Data Protection policy
Association Policy

3.Template for a Association website based Privacy Notice
Association Website Privacy Notice

4. Template for a Club Data Protection policy
Club Policy Template

5. Template for a Club Website Privacy Notice
Club Website Privacy Notice

6. Notice to be added to All Membership application forms Examples below.
Membership Form Notice

7. Typical Membership form created by the Lancaster Aikikai that uses a slightly revised notice. please note that they use 2 pages, Page 1 sent to the Association  (then the information is sent to the BAB) and the 2nd retained by the club.
Lancaster Aikikai Form Example

ADS GDPR Example

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