Yorkshire South Club List

Club Information

Shobu Aikido UK
Rotherham Aikido Club
Bramley Parish Hall
NR21 8NL Google Map
Contact Name : Christopher Walker
Contact Tel : 07769 622361
Email : chriswalker3@hotmail.co.uk
Website : http://www.shobuaikido.co.uk/dojos_rotherham.htm
Coach Level 1Monday ClassWednesday ClassAdults / Senior ClassJunior Aikido
Shobu Aikido UK
Hallamshire Aikido Club
Sheffield Springs Academy, Hurlfield Road
S12 2SF Google Map
Contact Name : Mark Headleand
Contact Tel : 07841 448524
Email : info@hallamshireaikido.co.uk
Website : http://www.hallamshireaikido.co.uk
Coach Level 1Young PeopleTuesday ClassThursday ClassWeapons
Shodokan Aikido UK
Shodokan Aikido Sheffield Juniors
Kyogikan Dojo
S1 4GT Google Map
Contact Name : Celine Pagnier
Contact Tel : 07946 435 785
Email : sheffieldaikidojuniors@gmail.com
Website : http://sheffieldaikidojuniors.blogspot.co.uk/
Coach Level 2Young PeopleTuesday ClassWednesday ClassThursday ClassFriday ClassSaturday ClassWeaponsJuniors 7 and olderJuniors 14 and older
Shodokan Aikido UK
Steel City Shodokan Aikido
Unit 15, 68 Eldon Street,
S1 4GT Google Map
Contact Name : Scott Allbright
Contact Tel : 07946 435 785
Email : scottallbright@yahoo.co.uk
Website : http://sheffieldaikido.org.uk/
Coach Level 2Young PeopleMonday ClassTuesday ClassWednesday ClassThursday ClassFriday ClassSaturday ClassAdults / Senior ClassWeapons

Coach Level 1The Instructor has completed the BAB Club Coach course

Coach Level 2The Instructor has completed the BAB Association Coach course

Coach Level 3The Instructor has completed the BAB National Level Coach course

BAB Coach TutorThe Instructor has completed the BAB Coach Tutor course

Young People CoachThe Instructor has completed the BAB Young People Coach course.

Clubmark Clubmark

Adults / SeniorsAdults or Senior players only.

Family / Mixed ClassesFamily or mixed Juniors and Seniors.

Children / Junior ClassesJunior Classes Restricted by the age shown

Aikdo WeaponsAikido Weapons are taught

Has Valid Venue InsuranceHas Valid Venue Insurance